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Stay Fit Over Fifty!

How I Stay Fit Over 50!

One question I get - quite a bit - is what I do as far as lifestyle to stay fit at 54! I will say, I am quite disciplined! Especially with my exercise program, it’s part of my workday! In other words, it’s built into my everyday life, like an appointment with my manager. When it comes to eating and exercising, you have to think of it as a lifestyle - not a constant diet, or an “I have to exercise” program. Yes, a lot of “things” change as we enter our late 40’s and 50’s…and you have to figure out what works for YOU. I’m also a big believer in indulging at times and treating yourself - just keeping it in moderation. No need to punish yourself!

At home I was exercising with a trainer - it’s expensive so you have to budget for that - whatever is your priority, just find a routine! My routine with him was about 10-15 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes of weight training about 4-5 times a week. It’s so important to build some muscle at our age - it increases your metabolism! Since I’ve been mainly living in Florida, I have a trainer. (He recently has left, hopefully it’s tempo). However, I’m now doing classes at a gym called “Eat the Frog”, it 55 minutes circuit classes of 10 people max with cardio, strength and agility! Plus, I go walking for about 30-60 almost every day! I purchased some 8 lb. weights, ankle weights, and a band! I’ve linked them below!

Stay active and keep it moving - it’s good for the joints, gets the blood flowing, boosts mood and energy! I don’t eat until after I work out - I don’t want to just burn the calories I’ve eaten; I want to burn the fat! I also do intermittent fasting 2-4 days a week! That is the only thing that took off that last 5 lbs. that I couldn’t get off!

Meaning, I don’t eat until around noon (black coffee, green tea, superfoods tab - use code chic15 to get 15% off. I try to eat something green with every meal, and I drink a green juice midday (one that has very little sugar)! And I try to eat dinner by 7pm at the latest! (AND yes, drink my wine) I do love my wine, and yes to my wine! But I DO drink around 60 oz of water a day! Don’t get me wrong - I will eat some pasta, pizza, burgers - I just minimize how much I eat - you have to enjoy your food - and I LOVE food! During the week - my dinners are mainly protein and greens - I eat most of what I want (in moderation) on the weekend! We love to go out to eat and I’m going to eat something delicious!

In addition, I try to eat gluten-free and stay away from dairy - my downfall is cheese, but I do love Manchego cheese (sheep cheese)! I am not hard core, but I try! I can tell when I eat too much of those - my stomach pays a price! I hope this helps!

If you have questions, please comment or send me an email at

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