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Teresa Smith is a 50+ Lifestyle influencer empowering and mentoring the ageless style and beauty of midlife women. Teresa has been back and forth between her place in Austin, Texas and Naples, FL while spending most of her time recently in the Naples community. Looking to expand and grow as an influencer locally in SWFL. Teresa has always wanted to start her own business and her passion for embracing midlife, inspiring women, and contributing to the community is what drove her to start blogging and create an influencer business when she turned 50! With the encouragement from friends and family she took a leap on this new venture while having all the backing and support she needed.


Teresa has generated a big following of more than 65k+ on social media platforms in a short amount of time. Through the passion and care she puts into what she does, it shows in her content on social media. Which in return is creating an audience that trusts in the brands, services, and products Teresa represents. Sharing travel experiences, favorite wine, food, and more. Teresa’s content is always creative, informative, and fun!


In the short amount of time Teresa has been in the Naples community she has really grown an organic following locally of people who trust in brands she represents. The goal now is to partner with local brands to become a brand ambassador for products and services that Teresa believes in. She is inspiring through fashion, beauty tips, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle!

Teresa Smith | Naples, FL
Teresa Smith | Naples, FL
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