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Updated: May 16, 2022

Ladies – last year I had the pleasure of trying this skincare line by Korres called MenoReverse. I loved it so much it has been in my skincare routine ever since! This Korres MenoReverse products are clinically proven to restore the look and feel of your skin back to pre-meno levels! The white pine ingredient in this line has shown to activate protein production, promote skin elasticity and repair deep wrinkles and age spots! Ok, can I take a bath in this please?!

With that being it said - it was a no brainer when they wanted to collaborate on the launch of these new MenoReverse products, the Up-Lift Sculptor, and the Restorative Overnight Facial. This MenoReverse line of product is an advanced technology of potent ingredients to address concerns after menopause! With these 2 new products, I saw a difference after the first 48 hours of use.

The Up-Lift Sculptor is a targeted serum gel with ShaperCell technology that lifts and sculpts the cheek, jawline and neck to give you a more youthful appearance. It has a roller application that is cooling and targeted for the specific areas of the jawline, cheeks and neckline! AND - I love it!! It helps restore skin’s volume and reduces sagging giving you a plumper, lifted appearance.

The restorative night cream targets moisture loss from post-menopausal loss of elasticity, restores skin lipids and reduces the moisture barrier loss and a retinol alternative that can smooth fine lines/wrinkles overnight while your skin is in repair mode. My face felt so hydrated the next day – and use it a 2-3x a week! The retinol alternative is less harsh and great for sensitive skin!

Check it out – use code CELEBRATEYOU15 to get 15 % off through the month of February. Click HERE and check out these products.

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