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Updated: May 16

Let’s talk about this patented formula face spray. It’s antimicrobial and calming for everyday use! I have been using it daily as a reset in the middle of the day! And I love it when I travel, refreshes and hydrates when you are on the go!

It is gentle but powerful, removes bacteria, viruses and pollutants without causing dryness or irritation.

If you have a face treatment, this is perfect to help with redness and irritation without burns! Fight irritated, inflamed and compromised skin with CelleRx’s Clinical Reset spray—a daily mist that removes barriers to cell turnover through gentle cleansing and biofilm disruption without stripping skin. Supporting healthier skin, Clinical Reset reduces the traumas and disruptors to skin leading to a healthier and less inflamed complexion.

The active ingredient is HOCl, Hypochlorous Acid, a natural, antimicrobial compound used by your immune system to fight pathogens. When sprayed onto the skin, this acid deep cleans every pore by removing harmful bacteria, microorganisms and pollution. Yes, to this please!

Best thing ever, I have a code, Teresa10, to get 10% off. Click HERE and check it out!

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